Marine Anti Slip Solution

marine antislipMarine Anti Slip Solution

The walk areas of a vessel are intended to be as horizontal as possible when on the design drawing board, however there are infinite loading conditions that result in any deck of a vessel almost never being perfectly horizontal. Because a floating vessel is never at rest, even alongside a dock, there are constant motions created by wind, currents, waves, and the wake of other vessels and this roll and pitch adds to an already dangerous surface, particularly if wet.

The problem of hydroplaning (slipping on water) has been carefully investigated and well documented on indoor and outdoor pedestrian surfaces, but there has been little study done regarding marine anti slip and its effectiveness in preventing  accidents on the wet decks of vessels. Hydroplaning can occur when a person moves fast on a deck where the amount of standing water is significant.

The combination of these factors may affect the measurement of the coefficient of friction by as much as 30%, depending on the location and the type of vessel, so it is critical to install the best anti slip coating to your vessels hull.

The generally accepted industry standard that a value of 0.5 and above for the static anti-slip coefficient of friction may be safe on land based surfaces has little relevance when the walkway is pitching and yawing at 20 degrees!

So it is imperative to install the best and most effective marine anti slip coating to your vessels hull. Friction Systems Australia will now install a Durabak coating that ticks all the boxes, it’s tough, resilient water and chemical resistant and it won’t remove the skin on feet and knees like grit based paints.