Anti Slip and Boat Deck Safety

Anti Slip and Boat Deck SafetyAnti Slip and Boat Deck Safety

Most boat owners aren’t concerned about Anti Slip and Boat Deck Safety. A slip fall accident probably isn’t the first hazard that comes to mind when one mentions maritime dangers. Sea storms, freak waves and sea collisions are probably greater preoccupations for most boat owners. However, if you want to enjoy a safe adventure at sea, you need to to invest in marine anti slip coating to improve boat deck safety and take slip fall accidents seriously. They are, by some distance, the most common cause of injuries on boats.

For one, boat decks are almost always wet and it doesn’t take an expert to tell you that where there’s moisture, slip fall accidents are likely to follow. Moreover, the constant roiling motion of the sea waves makes your boat deck a very unstable surface. Even the most seasoned maritime veterans with the sturdiest “sea legs” lose their footing sometimes. If slip fall accidents are common on level ground, imagine how dangerous a pitching boat deck can be!

Our Durabak marine non slip coating is a crucial Anti Slip & Boat Deck solution for responsible boat owners. This non slip floor coating specially designed to withstand the rigors of maritime travel, so it won’t be eroded by sea winds and saltwater. With an R13 slip resistance rating, this marine anti slip coating will significantly reduce slip fall risk so you can enjoy safer and more carefree boat rides.