Choosing the right stair nosing

stair nosing typesChoosing the right stair nosing

With the increased pressure under the new BCA codes for builders architects and owners to install compliant stair nosing to new and existing sites, it makes the correct choice of  nosing and the installation critical.

In a number of recent jobs we have had to first remove badlystair nosing failure installed or inappropriate nosing before installing the right product. The image on the right shows the result of installing an internal nosing in an external environment. Not only are the inserts peeling away from the plate but the plate screws have rusted out and the nosing itself is lifting away from the stairs

Stair nosing is manufactured in a wide range of materials and surface finishes, each of these variations is specifically designed to give optimum results in different situations. For example nosing designed for light commercial use will not be suitable for external applications and aggressive industrial coatings may not be suitable for commercial or domestic sites. Fixing of the nosing is another area where we often see bad or cheap solutions leading to nosing breaking away from the stair after a very short period creating  serious trip hazards.

foot walkIn some situations where the stair tread is uneven or badly worn we may recommend the use of our Durabak coating instead of hard nosing, around swimming pools and areas where bare feet are the rule this type of coating is often the best all round performer offering great slip resistance, compliant contrasting and a resilient surface that wont take off bare skin.

So if you want the right stair nosing solution for your property call in the professionals and get the job done right the first time