Marine anti-slip

Boat Owners Beware!

If you thinkmarine anti-slip that marine anti-slip isn't important then check Australia’s liability laws and you will find out that Boats are, considered premises for purposes of the law. That means as a boat owner, you will be held legally responsible for injuries caused by the condition of your vessel. Of all such accidents, slip fall injuries are by far the most common.

It’s no secret that slip fall accidents and wet floors tend to go hand in hand and wet marine decking is, quite simply put, a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why Friction Systems Australia can now install the industry-leading marine anti-slip floor coating specially formulated for boat decks stairs and platforms. With an R13 slip resistance rating and a robust design capable of resisting abrasion, chemical erosion and regular wear and tear. Add to this the resilience of recycled rubber granules instead of shin removing grit and it becomes the perfect long-lasting solution for your marine anti-slip needs.

Even if you have already invested in a general-purpose anti slip floor treatment for your marine decking, our new marine anti slip treatment is worthwhile. Regular non slip floor coating may not be able to stand up to the rigors of your nautical adventures and should that coating wear off, you’d be exposing yourself to the risk of costly slip fall litigation. Check out our Durabak™ non slip floor treatment today – you won’t regret it.