Reducing Slip Fall Risk In Your Front Yard

Reducing Slip Fall Risk In Your Front YardReducing Slip Fall Risk In Your Front Yard

Let’s say you’ve brought in some experts to install top-notch non slip tile coating in your home. Well done – that’s arguably the most important step towards a slip fall risk-free home. However, it is but the first step. While slip fall accidents tend to happen indoors, yards and driveways are also high-risk areas, particularly if you have a sprinkler system. Friction Systems Australia recommends a two-pronged approach to tackling outdoor slip fall risk in and around your home.

The first step is high-pressure cleaning. Lichen and moss tend to thrive in garden paths and on driveways and they not only trap moisture to create a slippery surface, but also cause a microscopic breakdown in the tiles or bricks to reduce slip resistance. We use pressure washers to blast away these nasty little critters before applying a biodegradable chemical to inhibit regrowth.

The next step is one you’ll already be familiar with – anti slip floor coating. We’ll perform a thorough assessment of your outdoor pathways, patios and verandas and decide which treatment, a coating or modification will provide the best solution to reduce risk. This ensures the surfaces you walk on whether inside or outside the house are as safe as possible and comply with Australia standards.

Too many homeowners overlook the potential slip fall risk of outdoor paths and entertaining areas and end up in a hospital casualty with a friend or family member, wishing they had gone that extra mile. Don’t be one of them!