Truck Ramp Safety

Truck Ramp SafetyTruck Ramp Safety

Your truck ramp safety is often overlooked until your first slip fall or you simply cant get traction when loading or unloading in the wet.

OH&S  dictates that ramps must be safe and in some situations must meet Australian Standards for Ramp Rating.

The ramp ramp-slip-testrating is the anti slip number of the surface determined by pouring oil on the surface, standing on the ramp and gradually increasing the decline until you start to slip. This is the same test to determine appropriate surfaces in commercial and Industrial construction for stair nosing or any other access ramps.

As indicated in previous posts checker plate is a favorite for these loading surfaces and like stairs represents a serious slip fall risk in inclement weather conditions.

Work Safety Victoria recommends using this checklist

  • Do any ramps present a slip hazard?
  • Is it a smooth or steel ramp?
  • Is it a timber ramp?
  • Is it a painted surface?
  • Ensure ramps are made slip resistant with foot grips or a textured surface.
  • Are hand trolleys used on ramps?
  • Are workers are aware that pushing or pulling a trolley increases the risk of slipping.
  • Provide handrails and midrails, as well as kick rails (at least 100mm high) on both sides to prevent trolleys running off the edge.

Friction Systems Australia has a range of proven truck ramp safety solutions to reduce your risk and exposure to costly litigation. Contact us anytime for further information.