Cleaning anti slip surfaces

Cleaning anti slip surfacesCleaning anti slip surfaces

Cleaning anti slip surfaces is very important, regardless of what anti slip treatment has been installed on floors or stairs it is critical that the surface is kept clean and free of contaminates.
Surface modification in most cases changes the surface from a smooth to a textured profile affording increased grip but also offering contaminates a great place to lodge.

unetched tileetched tile

These recesses, if allowed to fill with dirt, dust, or other product like wax or detergent will severely compromise the efficiency of any treated surface.

Apart from regular cleaning with a non detergent based product like our Enzyme cleaner most surfaces should be high pressure cleaned at least twice yearly to ensure removal of lodged contaminates that find their way into the deeper profile sections.

It is important to understand there is a compromise in making the surfaces we walk on safer and that is the increased amount of maintenance required to keep the floor not only looking great but more slip resistant. Bristle brushes should also be used once a month to help remove the ingrained grime and the residual should always be removed with a wet vacuum to ensure the particles simply don’t resettle in the depths of the profile.

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