how to maintain a non slip floor treatment

mopping maintain a non slip floorhow to maintain a non slip floor treatment

A Friction Systems surface modification treatment increases the slip resistance of floors on a long-term basis.  To ensure that floors retain the slip resistance , it is essential to keep the micro channels created by the treatment clean and free of any foreign materials such as dirt and grease.

To maintain the slip co-efficient of the  newly treated surface, we recommend  the following  program:


Keep floor surface free from grease, oil, and detergent build-up.

  • Use a fresh supply of HOT water and detergent each day.  Keep the use of      detergents to the minimum recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Try to use HOT water to rinse the floor.
  • Avoid detergents to maintain a non slip floor, they create a soap build-up once the water evaporates. Use an Enzyme based surfactant free cleaner or vinegar.


As mopping will eventually lead to a build-up of contaminates in the grout lines, which is then transferred to the micro channels, we suggest that a deep periodic clean is carried out about once month.

  • Use HOT water and a Penetrating Cleaner (or a high quality detergent).
  • Mix as directed with HOT water.
  • Apply to surface and scrub vigorously with deck (strong bristle) brush.
  • Wet vac the liquid and soil from the surface of the floor.

Invest in a Wet Vacwet-vac

Mops are the enemy of slip resistant floors.  If not cleaned regularly (at least daily) they harbor dirt, grease and other contaminants that are then forced into pores during mopping.  Ideally a wet vac should be used to remove all contaminants from grout lines and micro channels.

This is a guide only, however the benefits of your investment in the treatment, and your duty of care compliance will last for many years if you follow this guide on how to maintain a non slip floor.

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