friction systems australia installs leading Anti Slip Solutions for Hard surfaces, soft surfaces and everything in between

Anti Slip Solutions for hard surfaces

Friction Systems leading edge anti slip floor treatment microscopically modifies the surface allowing rapid dispersal of water. This will dramatically increasing the amount of grip.

Coating Solutions for soft surfaces

Our innovative non slip floor coating for vinyl & timber meets the revised Australian code requirements. Most importantly it provides an R10 rating where it’s really needed most

Anti Slip Solutions for stair safety

FSA supplies and installs a full range of compliant Non Slip Stair Nosing and tactiles (TGI's). We have a multitude of sizes, colors, profiles and textures. So we have you covered with every installation

Non Slip Solutions for Industry

We provide and install a broad range of non slip solutions from light manufacturing to heavy construction. In addition we provide anti slip products for the Marine environment.

Leading Edge Technology

Our anti slip floor treatments will reduce slip fall accidents and litigation risk

Our clients include Government, Aged Care, Disabled Accommodation, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Education, Entertainment, Transport and Construction. We know objectives vary, so we always spend the time needed, to ensure we meet your requirements. We deliver the optimum anti slip floor treatment for your sites safety, your duty of care compliance and reduced litigation risk.

We are constantly on the lookout for that new and innovative Anti Slip Floor Treatment to increase traction on all the different pedestrian surfaces.

Sometimes the right solution might be a simple change of cleaning product, or it may be that you do need expert help. "Whatever your requirement, we are always ready to assist with guidance, technical advice or a competitive quote"

we make your environment safer

why choose friction systems?

We have many years of experience in Commercial and Industrial anti slip solutions. Above all we will help meet your "duty of care" compliance or  obligations for legal requirement.

All of our industry leading solutions meet the Australian AS 4586 as well as the Building Code of Australia (BCA). In addition we can arrange floor safety management programs and NATA or ATTAR testing for added peace of mind.

Our focus is to ensure we provide the best anti slip floor treatment to ensure you meet or exceed your duty of care. In other words, we provided the safest possible environment for you, your employees and the public.

Our Difference

  • We provide a no obligation assessment to determine the optimum safety solution
  • We test and document surface friction pre and post treatment
  • Our staff are fully trained in floor safety programs and applications
  • We can provide a floor safety management program to ensure ongoing compliance
  • We are happy to provide a list of satisfied "high profile" clients