Anti slip for vinyl & timber

anti slip for vinyl & timber

Anti slip for vinyl & timber

Our Anti slip floor Coating for vinyl & timber has been developed to meet the new AS4586 rating code requirements in new construction, this innovative product provides a P4-5 classification where it’s needed most.

Suitable for resilient surfaces like timber, vinyl and epoxy surfaces this solution is extremely tough and long wearing. Great in environments such as food preparation areas, hospital or medical labs or any resilient internal or undercover surface. We can also provide UV resistant anti slip treatments for many types of external surfaces.





Vinyl floors particularly laid in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms present another high risk surface when exposed to water contamination. Fortunately there is a range of Anti slip floor Coating solutions for these softer surfaces that will also reduce slip risk effectively. Applied in several coats with anti slip layers they are available in gloss or matte finishes that will not distort the color of the treated surface.

Easy to maintain our high quality German made anti slip floor treatment will provide maximum protection against slip/fall accidents and the risk of litigation.

Like all resilient anti slip solutions, the surfaces should be maintained with an appropriate aftercare program to ensure you gain the maximum ongoing benefit from the solution provided by Friction Systems Australia. We can also provide scheduled slip testing to help meet your insurance companies requirements.

All of these products are “maintenance” coatings, which although very effective, will wear down in time and require spot retreating in the high wear corridors. This maintenance Anti slip floor Coating is usually only a fraction of the original expense making this solution very cost effective.

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