Anti slip stair nosing & Tactile TGI’s

Anti slip stair nosing

stair nosing & tactile TGI's

When choosing Anti slip stair nosing & tactiles is critical to ensure you choose the right products to meet you needs as well as the NCC (National Construction Codes). Friction Systems Australia supply and install a full range of BCA compliant Non Slip Stair Nosing and tactiles in a multitude of sizes, colors & profiles to suit every type of site.


stair nosing

When selecting Anti slip stair nosing products it is important to ensure that the product has lasting proven performance. It should be low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and has replacement parts readily available. Selection of the correct profile and slip resistance are the most critical and should be researched thoroughly or left to the contractor to ensure all critical criteria will be met.

Some of the mandatory requirements for construction of 2 or more stairs with public access are:

  • Provide tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs) in accordance with AS/NZS1428.4.1 to top and bottom landings of stairs.
    • Contrasting strips required between 50mm and 75mm in depth, extending across the full width of each stair nosing with a minimum luminescence contrast of 30% to the background in accordance with AS1428.1, Clauses 11.1(f) & 11.1(g).
    • Stair not to have open or translucent risers (AS1428.1, Clause 11.1(c)).
    • Stair nosings must not have any projections or overhangs and nosing profiles need to be appropriately designed (AS1428.1, Clause 11.1(d) & (e))
    • A stair that intersects at a property boundary is to be set back a minimum of 900mm (AS1428.1, Clause 11.1(a))

Standards Australia and the NCC has classified slip resistance and locations/situations that must be met with new construction. The AS4586 standards table below states that treads, landings or nosing must provide a minimum R11 or P4 wet slip resistance rating for external stairs and R10 or P3 for dry internal stairs.

Anti slip stair nosing


nosing types & applications

Carborundum Nosing Industrial hard wearing Anti slip stair nosing in high contrast colors is available up to an R-13 slipAnti slip stair nosing resistance rating, providing the ultimate in slip resistance. This tough wearing nosing is suitable for Industrial installations and fire escape stair applications both inside and out.

ProStep Anti slip stair nosing can be installed onto a variety of surfaces which include vinyl, tiles, concrete, carpet and timber. Reinforced nosing is available for installation on carpets as this eliminates flexing. This flexible product is suitable for internal as well as some external applications and can provide up to an R10 or P3 rating.

Safety Tape  access-ramp.jpgAnother low cost solution is conform Colours1tape. Designed to mold around irregular surfaces like checker plate or rough stone or tiles this R12 product is suitable for both internal and external environments. Considered a mid term solution it will last for a few years on most light to moderate pedestrian surfaces. Available in a range of colors to contrast the surface its a great economical alternative.


TGI's Tactile Ground Indicators

tactile SS

Stainless tactile arrays

These are the rows of shiny or plastic bumps you see every day set into the footpath or at the bottom or top of stairs and ramps or even at street crossings and railway stations. The installation of these array's is mandatory under the Building Code and Standards Australia.

Porcelain TactilesPorcelaine

These provide safe and effective cues for the vision impaired. They are manufactured using tough porcelain to provide a cost competitive permanent solution and are warranted against manufacturing faults for a period of 10 years.

Polymeric Retrofit Tactile

TPolymetrichis pad is a unique blend of polymers to ensure strength, durability and optimum UV stability and can be retro-fit over existing surfaces, without creating a trip hazard. Available in hazard and directional guidance profiles the are R11 slip resistance rated, which exceeds the Australian Standards.

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