Anti slip tile treatment

Curved-Ceiling Anti Slip Tile Treatment


Anti Slip Tile Treatment

Surface modification sometimes called Anti Slip Tile Treatment is one of the most common and permanent solutions to increasing the (COF) Co-Efficient of Friction.

Like the surface of a wet road, tiles that are exposed to water pose a real risk to personal safety. Unlike slip2our feet, car tires have unique tread pattern specifically designed to displace water and maintain the highest possible COF.

Unfortunately when feet or shoes come into contact with wet tiles there is nowhere for the water to go, even with most shoe treads (which are designed for traction on general surfaces) this layer of water acts like a lubricant and can lead to very nasty fall/slip injury.

Surface modification

This process involves a chemically induced change to the exposed tile or stone. The resulting surface acts like a car tyre and disperses water or any liquids away from the downward force of a footstep creating a dry contact area for increased traction.

This type of treatment has many features and advantages some of which are:

  • Long effective service life
  • No Color change
  • Instant access (no dry time)
  • Fast treatment times

For this treatment to work the surface must contain calcium carbonate, fortunately most natural stone and man-made tiles have a consistent distribution of this element. Some synthetic or products that are surface sealed during manufacture may not be suitable for this type of treatment however we will always test the floor prior to recommending a solution.

The ideal COF for wet area surfaces should be > 0.55 and before any treatment Friction Systems Australia will test and analyze the results and then recommend the most appropriate solution to achieve this result.

DB Colours

Tough Surface Coatings

We also provide a range of specialty coatings from hard wearing UV resistant 2 pack acrylics to Epoxy solutions that can be modified with the addition of traction particles to dramatically improve the COF. These coatings are ideally suited to Production and Industrial environments where an R10-R12 Ramp rating is critical for plant safety.

(TCS) Traction Control Solution2014-12-05-19.11.56.jpg

Finally after exhaustive field testing we can now offer the best Anti Slip Tile Treatment to keep the shine on those highly polished surfaces and still provide an effective anti slip coating that will last for up to 2 years. Like high performance vehicles our newest solution provides a unique hard wearing coating for granite, porcelain and most high porosity (dense) finishes.

TCSThis unique blend of silicone's cures to an incredibly hard finish and in some treatments has actually increased the surface refraction (shine). This TCS Traction Control Solution is guaranteed to maintain it’s effectiveness in medium commercial environments for up to 2 years, only requiring spot treatment to heavily trafficked corridors within that period.

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