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solutions for anti slip stairs

Solutions for anti slip stairs Stairs present a range of high risk dangers, whether climbing or descending. Walking on stairs requires an unusual gait whereby the toe is set down before the heel and involves a high rate of energy expenditure and concentration. Most studies have concluded that the risk of major injury per fall…
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the objectives of a non slip tile coating

the objectives of a non slip tile coating There are many reasons and objectives to have your floors treated with a non slip tile coating. These may include things like: A recent slip fall scare A physical injury as a result of a slip fall Reduced confidence with ageing A legal requirement (insurance or OH&S)…
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anti slip treatment for retirement

anti slip treatment guidelines for Retirement Facilities The wet areas in retirement homes and Australian aged care facilities unless laid after 2010 may not comply with current AS4568 standard. Up until 2010 these surfaces only had to demonstrate compliance to a "duty of care" and or local council requirement. The result of this minimum compliance…
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