Industrial Anti Slip Solutions

Anti slip Solutions for Industry

Industrial Anti Slip Solutions

The dangers of slippery floors and stairs are significant in an industrial setting. ‘KeepingCarborundum Types you and your environment safe’ is the philosophy we live by and our Non slip Solutions range is designed with safety in mind. Most of our heavy duty range of anti slip solutions are available in a colors and finishes to either blend in or contrast existing surfaces. Our range of industrial solutions extend from carborundum nosings, safety plates, to resilient coatings  for applications  to checker plate, grid mesh, concrete floors and stairs.



Our Durabak anti slip solutions  can be used in a wide variety of industries including; Heavy Industry, Production, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Medical, and  Sporting environments. We are not even restricted to land either with our range of Durabak solutions we can resolve aquatic Anti Slip issues around wharves and ship decks, Durabak is so well regarded in the Industry the US Navy installed it on 4 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers almost 7 years ago, and it is still going strong!


We pride ourselves on being innovative and competitive. We also understand the valueWorksafe-logo and importance of looking after our clients, and helping them meet their safety needs and workplace compliance's with our Industrial Anti slip Solutions.

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