Non slip solutions



Non Slip Solutions

Non slip solutions are an integral part of today's EHS and to help meet it's requirements we provide and apply an extensive range of anti slip solutions, non slip floor coatings, stair nosing and TGI's for domestic, commercial and industrial environments. We continue to work with some of Australia's largest companies across a wide variety of industries including Aged Care, Disabled Accommodation, Retirement living, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment and Construction. We understand your legal obligations, and your "duty of care" compliance requirements in these and most other industry sectors.

We will provide the right non slip solutions and advice on maintaining your newly treated floor

hard surface solutions

Our Industry leading treatment is perfect for a wide variety of hard surfaces. This solution is not a coating and provides long term results. Ideal for high traffic areas subject to water contamination, this is the solution of choice for the commercial environment. This surface modification is a 3 part process that will leave ceramic surfaces safer to walk on wet than dry! We can also provide hard wearing coatings for ceramic and stone that will provide ramp rated SCOF (Static Coefficients of Friction).


After exhauTCS anti slip solutionsstive field testing we can now offer another great solution. TCS will keep the shine on those highly polish surfaces and still provide an effective anti slip treatment that will last for years. Like high performance vehicles our newest solution provides a unique TCS (Traction Control System) for granite, porcelain and most highly polished high porosity finishes. This unique blend of silicones cures to an incredibly hard finish and will hold or even enhance surface refraction (shine). It's guaranteed to maintain effectiveness in medium use commercial environments for up to 2 years, and only then requiring spot re treatment to heavily trafficked corridors.

Hard-Surface Non Slip Solutions

resilient surface solutions

Our DURAGRIPĀ® solution for resilient surfaces offers a tough, hard wearing finish that will provide up to a WET 54 BPN (British Pendulum Number) or R10 (ramp) slip rating. Suitable for timber, linoleum and laminate surfaces it's the perfect high grip Non Slip Solutions. Ideal for Kitchens, Workrooms, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Department Stores, Swim Centers, Alfresco areas and Schools. Developed in Germany this "food grade" coating can be touched up if necessary in high traffic corridors or if damaged.

Resilient Non Slip Solutions

stair and tactile solutions

Designed to meet the latest Australian public pedestrian codes our comprehensive range of stair nosing, tactile and directional products offer a minimum R11 (ramp) slip resistance rating. Most of this range is available in a selection of colors to contrast the existing surface. These TGI's and Nosings meet or exceed AS 1428.4 and AS4586:2004.

Nosing-&-Tactiles Non Slip Solutions

industrial Non slip solutions

DurabakĀ® is the ultimate industrial anti slip solution, currently installed on 4 US Nuclear Aircraft Carriers it is chemical, fire resistant and tough as nails. Due to its resilient structure it will outlast anti slip epoxy coatings many times over. Available in a range of colors, we can install it on just about any surface including metal, concrete and ceramics.

DuraBak Non Slip Solutions


Slip fall prevention can't be accomplished with a one-off solution. It's a lifelong commitment. With that in mind, we offer comprehensive aftercare advice to help keep your new non slip tile coating in tip-top condition and performing well for many years.


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