Anti-Slip for Aged Care

Anti-Slip for Aged CareAnti-Slip for Aged Care

Anti-Slip for Aged Care is critical and Australia’s leading aged care group is focused on ensuring it provides the safest possible anti-slip environment for its residents, guests and staff.

Friction Systems was contracted to provide Anti Slip Floor Coating Solutions for its flagship Kew Gardens site. We were able to offer a range of finishes with varying Coefficients of Friction (COF).

The proactive management team decided to minimize the risk of slips and falls by selecting the highest rating achievable throughout the premises.

“It’s great to deal with an organization that is proactive when it comes to OH&s concerns” said Marten Pitts (Managing Director) of Friction Systems Australia.

Australian Aged Care moved forward with a Non Slip Floor Treatment that microscopically modifies the floor surface. This modification dramatically increases the grip for bare feet, shoes, and all kinds of pneumatic and solid wheel tires.

Generally the areas of greatest concern in aged care facilities involve water or liquid contamination ie: bathroom floors, showers and baths. Our surface modification solution actually makes traction better in the “wet” providing peace of mind and confidence in knowing the risk of slip fall accidents, injury and litigation have been dramatically reduced.

If you would like more information on Anti-Slip for Aged Care or want to discuss traction issues before the injuries happen please give us a call anytime.