Slips, Trips and Safety in Your Home

anti slip safetySlips, Trips and Safety in Your Home

Everyone thinks they’re immune to injury but slips, trips and safety around your home comes into sharp focus the day that injury happens to them, a member of family or friends.

While employers install anti slip floor coating for the chief purpose of avoiding litigation, homeowners have equal incentive to invest in non slip floor treatment because it is their life and safety, and those of their loved ones, that are at stake.

Australian health system costs from falls are well over $100 million per year and second only to costs from road injuries. You might be surprised to know that a third of those injuries occur in the home. The chances of a slip fall accident in the home are greatly increased if you live with an elderly person, for nearly 1 in 3 people aged over 65 will suffer a fall in the next year.

Many of these falls could have been prevented with the installation of non slip floor coating in high-risk areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Friction Systems Australia offers advanced Gripguard treatment which modifies the floor surface at a microscopic level to dramatically increase slip resistance and speed up water dispersal. We can also provide TCS (Traction Control Solution) a breakthrough in long life coating technology that will maintain the shine and safety of highly polished surfaces like granite, marble and man mad stone. The result of each of these solutions is a high-traction anti slip safety surface that protects yourself, your kids and your parents from dangerous slips, trips and falls! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that non slip tile coating is only for litigation-shy employers. It’s just as applicable and critical to homeowners like yourself.