Anti Slip Treatment works

Recent Anti Slip Treatment works

Our anti  slip treatment work covers a wide range solutions from anti slip for tiles to industrial coatings and stair nosing for a diverse range of clients, from domestic installations to heavy industry and everything in between. Here is just a sample of our work over the last few months where we have ensured a safer environment for our clients. We deliver the right solutions in just about every imaginable environment!

Surface modification treatments

LL-and-BMW.jpgThe "surface modification" offers the most resilient and long lasting solution. Maintained properly this type of treatment will last for many years and is suitable for pool surrounds, external walkways as well as internal wet areas or anywhere that is exposed to water contamination. We also provide this leading edge treatment in commercial kitchen where spill contamination is an every day concern.

Anti Slip Floor treatment work TAC-Abbotsford

TAC Rehab Abbotsford, surface modification, internal and external


ANZ Corporate HO, Collins St. Melbourne, internal wet areas

Stair Nosing & Tactiles

AMBF.jpgHelping clients meet the current Australian building codes has become one of the high demand parts of our business, with recent changes to the AS/NZS1428 regulations we provide solutions for every type of stair nosing and safety plate in both industrial and commercial settings.

Anti Slip Work Theiss stair nosing & tactiles

Thiess HQ Melbourne


TCS Non Slip Coating

Anti Slip Work Parkside-1

Hand polishing

Our Traction Control coating is used on highly polished surfaces where the client needs to maintain that mirror finish or where conventional modification is just not suitable. This hard wearing coating will last for up to 2 years in medium traffic areas and can be "touched up" in  heavy use corridors. This  anti slip for tiles treatment is applied and polished by hand to ensure consistent anti slip characteristics across the entire floor surface.


Parkside Apartments Melbourne

Industrial Non Slip Solutions

Anti Slip Work HWT1

HWT Anti Slip Work

Herald and Weekly Times print facility Port Melbourne

Our range of Industrial solutions includes Durabak from Cotel, this extremely tough and versatile solution works great in tough Industrial environments where functionality  is key critical. From Loading ramps to marine applications this amazing coating remains resilient for its entire life.

We also supply and install a full range of Carborundum safety plates for spot traction in confined locations and a range of 2 pack polymers for tough environments as a great alternative to Epoxy.

If you would like to see more of our work, from anti slip for tiles to industrial solutions take a look here

No matter what your surface, we have a solution that will make your environment a safer place to be

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