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Non Slip floor coating & Slip Fall Risk reduction

Slip & Fall risk reduction is rarely a priority in the design phase of construction or renovation. A non slip floor coating is more often a consideration after the flooring is laid or after an accident or the first signs of poor traction appears.

For this reason a large percentage of the works carried out by Friction Systems Australia comes as a direct result of slip injury, slip incidents, duty of care responsibilities or OH&S concerns. Safe Work Australia regularly publishes fact sheets and statistics identifying environmental factors, frequency and severity of slip fall accidents.

The newly updated CSIRO/Standards Australia Handbook (HB198:2014) provides recommendations of what degree of slip resistance is required for different uses and environments in both new and existing developments. This handbook may be purchased and downloaded from SAI Global .

We can provide at no charge (ASM) American Slip Meter testing which gives an indication of slip resistance, or arrange an extensive certified NATA test for legal or commercial purposes.

slip resistance requirements new constructionTick-List for Slip & Fall risk reduction

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires new commercial buildings must provide slip resistive surfaces for safe pedestrian movement, specifically emergency access and egress. These slip resistance requirements, state that “ a non slip floor coating” or“non-skid” surfaces must be installed for pedestrian ramps, stair treads and landings, and will need to comply with disability access requirements.

Standards Australia has just released the new standard AS 4586-2013 which covers the Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials, and also AS 4663-2013 which covers existing pedestrian surface materials. These extensive document may also be purchased and downloaded from SAI Global.

the risk of doing nothing

In most cases, if litigation commences from an accident that occurs on a slippery floor that doesn’t meet the handbook (HB:198) minimum recommendation or the BCA requirements – the insurance company will settle out of court.

Specifiers, Architects, Designers and Owners who ignore the minimum recommendations of this handbook may be faced with:-Judge non slip floor coating

  • Injuries to workers, customers and visitors
  • Workers compensation insurance claims
  • Public liability claims
  • Medical expenses, loss of income, even negligence claims
  • Professional indemnity claims against advice provided
  • Dramatically increased insurance premiums
  • Limits on insurance cover, even refusal to insure

Unfortunately, slip fall litigation has become so commonplace today that one of the world's leading information providers has a produced a "how to win your slip fall case" instructional walk-through to prove liability and achieve maximum compensation.


don’t wait to become a part of these statistics

From a small bathroom to a shopping center or anything in between, Friction Systems Australia has the right a non slip floor coating solution for Slip & Fall risk reduction in your environment. Reduce the risk of slip injury, expensive litigation, email us or call us today for an obligation free risk assessment or quotation.