Meeting BCA Codes with Stair Nosing

Meeting  Stair Building Codes

Stair Nosing istair nosing carpets a section of anti slip product placed at the toe contact area of a stair tread. It should always be placed in a specific position providing a secure contact point for the toe when climbing or descending. It should always contrast the stair tread by at least 30% to ensure good visibility for the visually impaired or in poorly lit locations, some of the inserts for these darker stairs even feature phosphorescent inserts that glow in the dark.

Stair Nosing

is available for use indoors and outdoors and choosing the correct type will ensure long term safety. Anywhere stair tread protection and added safety are required by code, stair nosing is required. You need to use a stair nosing that is durable, slip resistant and also retains attractive appearance even in high traffic stairways.

The owner or property manager has a duty of care to ensure that people within his premises do not get involved in an accident as a result of his negligence. Safety stair nosing is one of the effective tools that can be used by a landlord or property manager to prevent slip and fall. If a slip and fall accident occurs when a property manager has done everything within his control to avoid it, then he unlikely to be held liable in such an accident.

Choosing the correct Nosing is critical because different locations require different levels of anti slip to meet BCA (Building Codes of Australia) standards. Always speak to a professional before installing stair nosing to ensure you meet these codes and make your stairs safe