Slip Fall Accidents and Landlords Duty of Care

Slip Fall Accidents tenantSlip Fall Accidents and Landlords Duty of Care

Landlords may not live in the property they let to their tenants, but they are still expected, as owners of the property, to take reasonable care in reducing their property’s slip fall risk. Australia has passed laws stipulating that landlords must keep their leased property in good repair and enlisting anti slip floor treatment services definitely falls within the scope of this duty. If landlords foresee the possibility that their tenants might suffer slip fall accidents but fail to arrange for non slip floor treatment, they will be exposed to legal liability should their tenant get injured in such an accident.

Friction Systems Australia works together with landlords to provide long-term anti slip solutions. Industry-leading anti slip floor coating is installed to increase the traction of flooring surfaces made from wood, vinyl, and ceramics so that your tenant is protected from slip falls whether he’s barefoot, clad in slippers, or wearing shoes. Safety stair nosing is also professionally applied to staircases, which are common areas for severe slip fall accidents.

For landlords looking to reduce slip fall risk, Australia’s best answer is Friction Systems with its comprehensive non slip floor treatment programs.