Standards Australia releases new Slip Resistance Guide

slip resistance guideStandards Australia releases new Slip Resistance guide

Standards Australia recently released the updated HB 198:2014 "Guide to the specification and testing of slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces".



This slip resistance guide covers additional ratings for stair nosing’s, stair landings and pedestrian ramps. The guidelines provide those slip ratings are deemed to meet the NCC (National Construction Codes) provisions, formerly know as the BCA (Building Code of Australia) .

This release covers:

  • AS 4586, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  • AS 4663, Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces.
  • Requirements of the new Building Codes
  • Pedestrian floor surface selection guides
  • How to design for slopes and ramps
  • Referenced documents which include other Australian Standards

You can purchase and download you own copy of this Handbook from here


Also released late 2014 was revised standards for stairs and ramp safety. Some of the mandatory requirements for construction of 2 or more stairs with public access are:

  • Provide tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs) in accordance with AS/NZS1428.4.1 to top and bottom landings of stairs.
  • Contrasting strips required between 50mm and 75mm in depth, extending across the full width of each stair nosing with a minimum luminescence contrast of 30% to the background in accordance with AS1428.1, Clauses 11.1(f) & 11.1(g).
  • Stair not to have open or translucent risers (AS1428.1, Clause 11.1(c)).
  • Stair nosings must not have any projections or overhangs and nosing profiles need to be appropriately designed (AS1428.1, Clause 11.1(d) & (e))
  • A stair that intersects at a property boundary is to be set back a minimum of 900mm (AS1428.1, Clause 11.1(a))

AS4586 ramp stair nosing & tactilesStandards Australia and the NCC has classified slip resistance and locations/situations that must be met with new construction in this new slip resistance guide . The AS4586 standards table below states that treads, landings or nosing must provide a minimum R11 or P4 wet slip resistance rating for external stairs and R10 or P3 for dry internal stairs.