TCS Gloss Anti Slip floor coating

Hard-Surface TCS Anti Slip floor coatingtcs the invisible anti slip floor coating


TCS Anti Slip floor coating on High Gloss Granite Foyer
Our newest Anti Slip floor coating TCS (Traction Control System) has been specially formulated to provide an extremely tough wearing shield on polished high porosity finishes like marble, granite, porcelain and man made stone. When installed TCS It’s guaranteed to maintain effectiveness in medium use commercial environments for up to 2 years. With proper, soap free regular cleaning your floors will maintain the effectiveness of the anti slip treatment for many years.

The highly specialized silicones in TCS cure to an incredibly TCSAnti Slip floor coating on Cream polished foyerhard finish. It is especially effective in foyers and reception entry areas of commercial properties where presentation is critical. Unlike some surface modification treatments TCS will not trap or hold dirt so regular mopping is all that is required to keep the floor looking great! In fact in most of our installations the surface shine has actually been enhanced. The only difference is in the slip resistance they are just much safer to walk on when wet!

This Anti Slip floor coating is extremely effective with just one coat but if you are looking for a higher SCOF (slip resistance) we recommend a second treatment. We apply TCS using specialized applicators and hand polish to ensure an even high gloss finish.

In most commercial environments we apply the treatment after hours to ensure we don’t impact on business. Treatment does not take long and it usually only requires one application to significantly improve the safety of the floors in your business.
This unique blend of silicone's cures to an incredibly hard finish, however the main benefit in choosing a TCS  solution is it's unique ability to maintain or even enhance surface refraction (shine).

By following our recommended maintenance program, TCS can maintain effectiveness in a medium use commercial environment for up to 2 years, only requiring spot treatment to heavily trafficked corridors within this period.

This amazing Anti Slip floor coating offers a fantastic alternative to the bulk of coatings that need to be mopped on weekly to hold the SCOF.
Take a look at some of the floors we have treated with this amazing solution.

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