Professional Slip Assessment

Professional Slip AssessmentProfessional Slip Assessment

Whether you’re a commercial property owner, local authority or private homeowner, a professional slip assessment and anti slip floor treatment is a must. It not only protects you from costly negligence litigation, but also prevents the painful, crippling injuries that can result from slip fall accidents. Of course, not all floors are created equal. The type of flooring you have will determine what kind of non slip tile treatment is needed and at Friction Systems Australia we specialize in accurately determining what’s required to meet your statutory obligations.

The main aim of such an assessment is to determine the slip resistance, or as Standards Australia calls it, the “slip rating”, of your flooring. The measurements determine the amount of energy required to move an object from a stationary state or the amount of slip resistance. These tests are usually conducted on both a dry and wet surface. These measurements might be measured using a Friction Floor Tester, which electronically records progressive resistance readings, or it might be measured with a British Pendulum device which measures the amount of resistance when a slider swings across the surface. Whichever device is used the object is the same to determine if the floor surface meets Australian standards.

It’s not until these tests are conducted with a professional slip assessment that we can recommend the correct anti slip treatment. This can range from a heavy duty maintenance style non slip tile coating to the application of an anti slip treatment that permanently alters the floor surface at a microscopic level.

So if you are unsure about what is right for your surfaces, or what you need to do to meet your statutory obligations, call us or email today and one of our team will help make your environment a safer place to be.