Non slip ramp rating

Non slip rampNon slip ramp rating

The non slip ramp rating is often overlooked until the ramp gets wet or until additional weight is added to the travel such as a trolley or wheelchair.  The mean angle of inclination determines the anti slip or "Ramp Rating" of the surface. The Australian 4586 standard has been created to identify what the ramp rating should be based on it's inclination. ramp rating tableThe surface roughness is a major consideration in achieving the required classification however other factors such as the footwear and the likely of type of surface contamination require additional consideration.


Testing of ramp slip rating is common in the design or construction phase but on site can be done however this is an expensive exercise.Non slip ramp test It is also important to note that tile importers or wholesalers may rate their tiles based on the manufacturers country of origin local ratings and not our recognized  Australian 4586 Standard. We are often asked to increase the anti slip characteristic of a ramp where the builder or architect has been assured by the supplier that the tile is "anti slip" and will meet the local standards.

Friction Systems Australia provides a range of solutions to increase non slip ramp rating on existing surfaces. Recently we introduced the Durabak coating, when applied to metal, concrete, timber, fiberglass and ceramic this fantastic product will provide an R12 rating up to 35 degrees. This chemical resistant, hard wearing surface is also suitable for pool stairs and marine applications.

For more information on making your ramp or incline safer contact us at Friction Systems Australia for a no obligation assessment.