Vinyl Anti Slip Coating

vinyl anti slipAnti Slip coating

Vinyl Anti Slip may be the best alternative to restore the traction on old vinyl that has been buffed and waxed over the years. Surfaces like vinyl and timber are traditionally coated with all kinds of sealers and coatings to maintain the shine and help buff out marks and scuffing but rarely treated with vinyl anti slip.

These sealers are quite effective in keeping the shine however there is one big drawbackSlippery vinyl floors1 with most of them and that's the corresponding drop in traction particularly if the surface is exposed to water or any other liquid contamination. Commonly used in Hospitals, Schools, Aged Care facilities and Commercial kitchens vinyl is hygienic and relatively economical.

Developed in Germany our vinyl anti slip coating is a special water-based 2 part polyurethane sealer for the long-term protection of floors. This leading edge product reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance. This hard wearing sealer film, maintains excellent elasticity and good resistance against colorless chemicals.

Developed  to meet Australian food grade standards it will provide a hard wearing medium to long term solution to increase traction and extend the life of the existing floors.

Vinyl Anti Slip is suitable for:

  • Linoleum floors
  • Non-absorbent stone and tile sub-surfaces
  • Epoxy and PU floors.
  • Wood and cork floors
  • PVC and LVT with smooth, or slightly structured, grained surfaces.

Some of our recent work with this product can be seen here. If you would like more information on vinyl anti slip or a competitive quote contact us anytime.